Jade Application Modelling Tool (V 2.0)

The Jade Application Modelling Tool Version 2.0 is the successor of the Jade Application Designer Version 1.05. The new tool has a lot of enhancements and significantly increased usability features.



To run the JADE Application Modelling Tool Version 2.0 a JRE 1.4.x (e.g. from SUN Microsystems or IBM) must be installed.
In the system there must be about 5 MB of disk space available.
The system should be equipped with a processor with at least 400 MHZ.

System Installation

The Jade Application Modelling Tool is provided as a ZIP file. The folder information is contained in the ZIP file.
Just extract the file into a directory of your choice, e.g. D:\JADE with a product like WINZIP.
The file will expand into the following file structure:

D:\JADE the classpath contains: JADE.INI the initialization parameters .....\IMAGES contains: Logo and Cursor images .....\com\kur\des contains: all ".class" files

To run the JADE Application Modelling Tool the following files are needed in the following directories:

  1. The ini parameter file JADE.INI in classpath e.g. D:\JADE
  2. The Jade logo file JADE.GIF in classpath\IMAGES e.g. D:\JADE\IMAGES
  3. The Jade icon file JADE.ICO in classpath\IMAGES e.g. D:\JADE\IMAGES
  4. The Jade cursor files CONCURSR.PNG and MOVCURSR.PNG in classpath\IMAGES e.g. D:\JADE\IMAGES

"classpath" represents the directory, from which the system searches for the JadeDES program packages.

Deinstallation of JadeMOD

JadeMOD does not make any entries into a system registry. To remove JadeMOD simply delete the directory (with all its sub-directories) into which JadeMOD has been installed (unpacked).


The program can be invoked in a WIN32 environment via a batch file e.g. like this:

D:\>cd jade
D:\JADE>C:\jre1.4.1\bin\java.exe -Dhostname=xxxxx -classpath D:\JADE; com.kur.des.Control

In this example
hostname is "xxxxx". That is the name of the computer system on which the program is invoked (normally this should be the name under which the computer system is recognized in a network).
classpath is "D:\JADE".

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