Provided Tools

This section provides the links to the help files for the tools you can download from this site. The helps will give you a first impression about the functionality of the tools offered.

1. A "lite" Java Development Environment

Command interfaces as provided by SUN for the JDK Tools (Compiler, Launcher, Appletviewer, ...) are not very well accepted by the young generation of programmers, because these interfaces are pretty awkward to use. If you have during your project work to key in again and again commands like:

  c:/JDK1.3/bin/javac.exe -g -O -nowarn -classpath c:/myproj/work xxx.yyy.zzz.startClass

you will pretty soon look for a more convenient way to provide the information to your computer.
One alternative may be to create "Batch files". But there is still a need to modify the commands by providing e.g. file names, which again results in the usage of a (yet another) command interface. In addition standard output and error output often is presented only in the DOS window in a volatile manner, sometimes even merged.
Another alternative is to use a so called integrated development environment (IDE) which provides a graphical end user interface (GUI) to the required commands (e.g. the invocation of the Java Compiler). The IDE normally uses initially provided command templates and builds the final command from them by applying the required additions (like file names or classpathes etc.).

JadeIDE is a "lightweight" but highly integrated development environment (IDE) to create Java applications. It is a tool, which allows you from a graphical user interface to define control parameters needed to develop these applications. JadeIDE provides its own Java optimized editor, but allows in addition to invoke 1.) user selected (external) source editors, 2.) user selected HTML Editors, 3.) user selected XML Editors, 4.) user selected Web Browsers (to display the JadeIDE Help and Java API as well as project specific API documentation generated with JavaDoc), and 5.) user coded functions (via a user exit dialog). The JadeIDE project specification comprises the Java Package Name, the Project Library Specification, the required Java Version, potentially required ClassPath extensions, the Startclass (including their required invocation parameters).
JadeIDE shows all existing Java classes, HTML, and XML files of a project for direct selection. All other files are hidden. Project files can be generated (including propper initialization), edited, and removed. Java classes can be compiled and applications and applets can be tested. Two windows show "Standared Out" and "Standard Error" information. A "cancel" function allows unconditional termination of tests which ran into a loop. JavaDoc can be started to generate Java conform product documentation. The HTML file to invoke an applet can be generated. A special productivity feature is the dialog controlled generation of project specific Java code for dialog windows.

Jade IDE Main Window
Jade IDE Screenshot (main window) under Windows

Jade IDE Main Window
Jade IDE Screenshot (main window) under Linux KDE 3.2

Jade IDE Editor
Jade IDE Screenshot (Editor window with 3 dialog windows) under Windows

Detailed information about JadeIDE in the Help file

2. The Java Application Modeller

The JadeMOD Java Application Modeller (previously called Application Designer) is a tool to model business domains in an object oriented manner. It allows to describe classes with all their properties (information as well as behaviour). In addition it allows to describe the organisational structure of an enterprise and the business procedures defined for the various organisation units. The model diagrams are arranged automatically according to specific rules defined in the tool. This allows extremely easy modification and enhancement of the model without time consuming structuring effort. A specific feature of the tool is the integration of the classes into the business procedure specification.

JADE Class Hierarchy Screenshot
JadeMOD - Class Hierarchy (Screenshot)

JADE Procedure Diagram Screenshot
JadeMOD - Procedure Diagram (Screenshot)

JADE Organization Diagram Screenshot
JadeMOD - Organization Diagram (Screenshot)

More information about JadeMOD here