About myself:

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My name is Wolfgang Kurz. I was born in 1941 and I live in Stuttgart , a city in the southwest of Germany.

My original profession is land-surveyor, but I actually work since 1970 as an engineer in Information Technology.

No wonder that my main hobbies are IT related.

A lot of time I spend with the development of various tools for application development, application modelling, and cine film digitizing. These are:

All tools can be downloaded free of charge from the download section of this site.

A topic which is still of special interest to me is model driven business application development.
The development and the definition of methodologies that can be used to efficiently create models which show the business essentials of a certain industry segment consumes a lot of my spare time. This includes the development of tools which allow consistent documentation and easy maintenance of such industry models. One of my major concern is to reduce the complexity of such industy models and by that making them the ideal basis for discussions between business professionals and IT application designers and developers in order to properly specify the business requirements an IT business solution has to support.

I want to thank my wife Ute. She is very patient when I am sitting in front of my computer working on my products.

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